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News 5 Cleveland   |   June 24th, 2019

BROOKLYN, OHIO  — A local man had a dream to eliminate hunger in the area and is starting to take the steps to do just that. 

In 1998, our founder John Visnauskas, AKA Jagadish, had a defining moment in his life. Happening to pass what was then called Cleveland Foodbank, he wrote down a phone number from the sign outside the urban warehouse. Soon a volunteer position turned into an Operations Management position, followed by decades of service founding, directing, mentoring, and partnering with dozens of anti-hunger organizations working together to combat food insecurity in Greater Cleveland, Ohio.


The organization John currently directs, Baba’s Yard, has distributed two hundred tons of fresh fruits and vegetables to households with limited incomes in partnership with Greater Cleveland Food Bank and the municipalities of Parma and Brooklyn, Ohio.


Most recently, Baba’s Free Kitchen had its premiere lunch service, offering delicious, plant-based meals-to-go at our garden sanctuary on Cleveland’s West Side, at 3001 Sackett Ave. (44109)

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Fox 8 Cleveland   |   July 16th, 2019

CLEVELAND, OHIO  — FOX 8 and Kaulig Giving would like to salute John Visnauskas as one of Cleveland’s Own.

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Fox 8 Cleveland   |   May 7th, 2019

PARMA, OHIO  — 50 tons of produce?! That’s what a new non-profit called Baba’s Yard hopes to distribute to low-income families in the Cleveland area by year’s end.





Parma Sun Post   |   July 9th, 2020

PARMA, OHIO  — More than a year ago John Visnauskas created nonprofit Baba’s Yard with the simple food-is-medicine mission being to reduce epidemic disease by increasing fresh produce consumption.   |   March 26th, 2019

BROOKLYN, OHIO  — After spending the last decade running Old Brooklyn’s All Faiths Pantry, John Visnauskas has moved on to his next nonprofit, which boasts the simple mission that food is medicine.


Spectrum News 1   |   May 7th, 2021

CLEVELAND, OHIO  — John Visnauskas believes that fresh produce doesn’t only heal bodies, but it can also help heal communities as long as they have access to it. 

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